Creamy Bites

Cooking     time:5 min


Bread      4 slice
Potato     1 boiled cut into small cubes
Capsicum   1 small cut into cubes
Corns      1/2 cup boiled
Chicken    1/2 cup boiled
Egg        1 for coating

For white sauce:

All purpose flour 

Black pepper
Cooking oil


step 1:

Remove all the edges from bread slice n
cut the slice in square shape or whatever u like the shape.


Step 2:

Birst we have to make white sauce .so take a non stick pan
put in a wok on medium heat .put oil in a pan n then add flour in
it.mix it well for few seconds n then gradually add milk in it
n make a fine paste now at that stage add ur vegetable and
chicken into the mixture n mix it well.add salt n pepper and
cook for one more ur filling is ready to apply on slices

Step 3:

take one square of bread slice
n spread the mixture on it .1tbsp of mixture is enough for
one square.repeat it with the rest of pieces.keep squares in
freezer for 15 min so it will settle more n the mixture will
not come out during frying.

Step 4:

Take out ur bites from freezer n its time to frying the
square.note one thing we r applying egg coating on one side
where e spread the mixture n fry the only coated side for
1 minute or less.if we fry the bites both side it will absorb
the oil n destroy the test so mind it we r fry the only
one side carefully.
if u have any other questions about the recipe you
can watch our video .it will help u more



For More details Watch this video 
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