Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia to gradually resume Umra

Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia to gradually resume Umra

Saudi Arabia is to gradually resume a Muslim Pilgrimage which has been suspended due to Lock-down from seven months because of coronavirus pandemic.

From 4th October unto 6000 Saudi citizens and residents will be allowed to undertake the umra each day.

pilgrims from other countries will be permitted from 1 November when daily capacity will be raised to 20,000

The Umra is an extra Optiional pilgrimage tha van be undertaken any time of the year

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Over 400 plus Whales dies in Australia’s worst standing

Over 400 plus Whales dies in Australia’s worst standing

Over 400 whales have died in what is suspected to be Australia’s Biggest standing on record

Science Monday Morning hundreds of long finned pilot whales have been found beached on Tasmania’s west coast Area.

Rescues had manage to save 60 by late Wednesday, and they are tring to help to remaining estimate 30 whales.

Tasmanian Government officials said they rescued a lot of whales and their effort will continue as long as there are live animals’.

‘while they are still alive and still in water there is a hope for them – But as times goes on they do become more worried. said Nick Deka. regional manager for Tasmanian’s park and wildlife Services.

Where are the whale Found ?

The whales largely washedup on sandspit in the water around an area called macquarie heads.

the first rescue starts on Monday about 270 whales but a helicopter on Tuesday spotted another 200 plus whales nearby.

Covid-19 is Accelerating in UK Huge Warning

Covid-19 is Accelerating in UK Huge Warning

UK Chief medical officer says Covid-19 is moving to level -4 MEANINGS transmission is very high.

UK Could be facing 50,000 new Covid-19 cases a day mid- October. If current didn’t stop.

health Secretary matt hancok warns that Uk faces ‘tipping point’ on corona virus cases.

UK PM Boris Johnson will address commons on tuesday about pandemic.

Home remedies for hair fall

Home remedies for hair fall

If you are going through hair fall problem and fed up of using different medicines and oil.We have a solution for your hair .It is very easy and affordable remedy.

Mustard oil 500 ml
henna leaves 50 grams
black seeds(kalongi)50 grams
almond oil 25 grams

Take a pan.Add oil ,henna leaves and black seeds.cook on a low flame for half and hour or the leaves colour turn black.turn off the flame and set it aside for cool down.after cooling down add almond oil in it and mix it well.Now strain it on a glass bottle and use it for 3 times in a will get the result with in a month.